Gluta Shihada

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17 September 2020

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Gluta Shihada
Price : 9.8 USD per Blister
Condition : 100% Brand new, seal, never used , never opened
Size : 50 Capsules (5 Packs) / Box
Glutathione Shihada Pure 100% imported from Japan. Glutathione is a concentrated formula. From Japan, extracted from nature. The original of glutathione Not chemically synthesized or use alcohol.
The results are clearer than those from other countries. Highlighting results in faster and more effective whitening results than any other product on the market. It also removes toxins from the liver and body as well.
The benefits of gluta Shihada
- slow down early aging problem
- Antioxidants
- Reduce dark circles.
- protects against wrinkles.
- protects skin from sunlight
- slow down the deterioration of the body.
- Bright skin with aura.
- The pores tighten up. Smooth skin Like baby skin
- Helps to convert the dough accumulated in the body into energy.
How to eat : Take1 tablet at a time before breakfast and dinner.
Caution :
Children and pregnant women should not eat.
Should eat a full five categories regularly in right proportion.
No effect of the treatment.
Results may vary depending on the individual
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