KOKANDO Byurakku

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20 August 2023

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KOKANDO Byurakku

Price: 25 USD / Box
1 Box contains 400 tablets

Product introduction
Views rack A irritating laxative that acts directly on the colon mucosa, promotes peristalsis (peristaltic) movement of the large intestine
By taking before going to bed, is a laxative that mild you through can be expected in the next morning.

■■ it should not be ■■
(Failure to comply or the current worsening of symptoms, side effects prone)

1. While taking this drug, please do not take the following medicines.
Other cathartic (laxative)
2. Please do not take a large amount.

Effect effect
The following of the symptoms of the relaxation associated with constipation: Zuomo, hot flashes, there be skin, pimples, anorexia (loss of appetite),
Abdominal distension, abnormal intestinal fermentation, hemorrhoids

Please take without chewing with water or hot water before going to bed for the next single dose.
However, the first time using the minimum amount, little by little while watching the bowel movement of the condition and the state increase or weight loss
For Adult (15 years or older)
[1 dose] 2 to 3 tablets
[1 day number of doses] once

For 11 years of age or under 15 years of age
[1 dose] 1 to 2 tablets
[1 day number of doses] once

Children under 11 years of age should not be taken.

Made in Japan


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