Diane 35

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20 August 2023

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1 box is 490 baht or 15.8 usd

Quantity: 21 tablets in box

Contents: Cyproterone acetate 2 mg, ethinylestradiol 0.035 mg

Diane-35 tablets-indicated for-hirsutism (excessive unwanted growth of hair in women) in women of reproductive age,moderate to severe acne worldwide this combination is known by the brand name”DIANE”,Dianette in the United Kingdom, Diane-35 in Canada, Bella Hexal in Germany, Diane in Sweden, and Dixi-35 in Chile.


Indications: Androgen-dependent diseases in women eg acne, accompanied by seborrhea or by inflammation or formation of nodes, androgenetic alopecia & mild forms of hirsutism.

Dosage: 1 tab daily for 21 days starting on the 1st day of menstruation, then 7 tab-free days.

Administration: May be taken with or without food.


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