Lamoonni (Anti Testosterone Supplement)

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20 August 2020

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Anti Testosterone Breast Sex Change Blocker Ladyboy Pills LDB LAMOONNI
L.D.B is the top popular sexchange capsule product in Thailand which well known by most of the shemale celebrities among the country, very good for the sex change like a real-women. Also, as the pill is the herbal extract so it's worry free about fat.
Condition : 100% Authentic brand new, Never open
Quantity:1 (1 Bottle 30 capsule 15 day)
Recommended : To buy 2 for 1 month
1. Testosterone blocker: blocking men hormone, reduce men appearance and also boost the benefit to change into a women.
2. Stop pennis rocking: reduce pennis to go hard and ready for the women change.
3. Breast Enhancement: Bigger, very soft and healthy breasts with NO FAT
4. Hair and Nail brighten: Bright with good health
5. Hormone stabilization
Ingredients :  
Carthamus tinclorius L.
Caesalpinis Sappan L.
Aegle Marmelos (L.) Correa ex. Roxb.
Angelia Sinesis Diels
Accangelisia flava(L.)Merr.
other herb
How to use : 2 capsules before bedtime
LDB Lamoonni
- Reduce Testosterone (male hormone)
- Make your muscles softer
- No organ erection
- Makes your skin look finer and nicer
- Safer than taking Anti-Androgen medicine. As it will not have side effects on the liver and kidneys.
** For best result, take this one with the estrogen replacement, to make you have a womanly body.
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